Types of Construction Disputes

Construction Dispute Counsel Focused on Material Suppliers and Other Parties

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Operating a construction business in today's economic climate can be quite a challenge. Complicated construction disputes can cause a devastating effect on even the largest and stable of construction firms, one best addressed with the experienced assistance of a practical, dedicated attorney.

At the Splinter & Thai, LLP, our lawyer leverages 30 years of experience in complex construction disputes for clients throughout the Los Angeles County, California, area. Our work in the construction field provides us with the knowledge to address even the most complex issues, ranging from material supplier matters to disputes between homeowners and contractors.

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Practical Guidance Through Difficult Construction Disputes

We guide clients through complicated construction disputes stemming from several issues, including:

  • Homeowners vs. remodeling contractors
  • Contractors vs. sub-contractors
  • Material suppliers
  • Contractual disputes
  • Improper or negligent work
  • Non-payment by contracting parties

Our work helps find favorable resolutions in construction disputes, including the successful recovery of damages and execution of contractual issues. Over more than three decades of practice, we have learned how to successfully employ proven tactics for finding resolutions, ranging from mechanics liens to stop notices and litigation, depending on the timing and type of situations our client's face.

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